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  • About Our Broker Services

  • Mortgage Broker ServiceDid you know that just 25 years ago, in the late 1990s, people in need of mortgages would have been expected to repay a whopping 19.50% interest on whatever they borrowed?

    We agree with you – that’s ridiculous, so you’ll be happy to hear that a lot has changed since then!

    As brokers we consider it our sole responsibility to connect our clients with a range of lenders with the most competitive mortgage rates out there, there’s really no reason not to try us!

    What Do We Offer?

    Unlike so many of our competitors, we prefer to be there every step of the way for our clients.

    This means that whether you’re in need of a little bit of expert guidance, or if you could do with a helping hand during the mortgage application process; you can rely on our team at all times.

    We offer such an extensive range of services that listing them here would make this page incredibly long! Instead of attempting that, here’s an idea of the types of services that we feature most prominently:

    Our versatile range of services means that our skills can be put to good use by first time buyers, property investors and even third party lenders.

    Rather than grouping our clients into the same bowl, we prefer to dedicate an individual broker to the task at hand.

    This means that when choosing us, you will be privy to a one on one consultation with a lending expert, followed by an extensive evaluation of your requirements and your expectations.

    We don’t stop there either!

    You can get in touch with your expert via phone or email for advice and support, and once we fully understand what it is that you are after, we’ll be able to get the ball rolling on your mortgage application process.

    Why Should You Rely On Us?

    We’ve done our part to ensure that our clients get to enjoy the latest interest rates, the most competitive deals and even fairer terms that ever before – so all that you will need to do is give us a call and take advantage of a complimentary consultation.

    We might seem sure of ourselves – but it’s for good reason!

    We strive to provide the highest levels of service to our clients and in doing so, help clients to secure the right lending solution for their situation. 

    We’re friendly, professional and polite at all times – and before we leave you to get in touch with us, we’d like to point out that when hiring our team of experts here at Tundra Mortgage Brokers, you won’t just be receiving a helping hand; you’ll be hiring a service provider that genuinely cares.

    This is something that we’re truly proud to offer to our clients and we’d sincerely like to help you with your mortgage application process today.

    All that you need to do to get started is to send us a quick email, or make a fast phone call and we’ll take care of you from that point onward. You can locate us at: