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  • What Does a Mortgage Broker Do For You?

  • A mortgage broker is a type of financing specialist that acts as the middle-man between a bank or lender and a potential borrower. They can help by comparing interest rates, take care of the technicalities commonly associated with applying for a mortgage and find the right home loan for your scenario. They can also provide additional support during the application process and offer guidance throughout.

    What does a mortgage broker do for you?

    When asking what does a broker do for you, the answer is fairly simple – they can help to you find a competitive home loan that suits you, they can assist with the application process and they can reduce the stress of buying a home.

    If we had to define mortgage broker, we’d say that they are a type of financial expert that can works for your to find a lending solution that suits your needs, whilst minimising their stress in the process. This is a mortgage broker definition and regardless of cost or location within Australia and Melbourne specifically, this is what most will do.

    What does a finance broker do?

    Some mortgage brokering services are referred to as finance brokers and although their name might differ; their services are quite similar. It is typically their responsibility to connect their clients with the right type of home loan and mortgage for their needs. By checking out mortgage broker reviews, you’ll be able to obtain a better idea about their level of expertise and quality of service.

    What is the meaning of financial broker?

    As mentioned above, a broker is a type of financing expert that acts on behalf of their client by trying to find a competitive home loan solution. A financial broker can also provide guidance around other loans outside of the home loan area such as commercial and business loans. The mortgage broker job description Australia wide is that of an individual that acts as the go-between for lenders and borrowers.

    Do mortgage brokers charge a fee?

    Some mortgage brokers may charge a small fee, however others, as they receive commission from the lender, will provide here service at no cost to the borrower.

    What is the MFAA and FBAA?

    The MFAA stand for the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia. FBAA stands for Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited. Both the MFAA and FBAA are industry organisations that represents finance and mortgage loan writers and brokers across Australia. Every member will need to undertake a mortgage broking course and if successful, they will be eligible to apply for membership.

    What does a mortgage broker earn?

    When asking how do mortgage brokers make their money, or how much does it cost to use a mortgage broker, this will depend on the type of financial broker in question and the loan size of the borrower. The broker will receive an upfront commission for introducing the borrower to the lender. This commission is approximately 0.65-0.71% of the borrower’s loan value. The broker will also receive a trail commission of 0.1-0.2% which is calculated on the remaining loan amount, paid monthly

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